Fast and economical test procedure

Mainly these component tests can be accomplished using universal resonance pulsators with electromotive POWER SWING MOT drive.

The test systems are designed from 5 kN up to 1,000 kN and with the appropriate clamping devices, beside the axial loading, they are also suitable for the induction of bending and torsion loads.

Moreover, we offer a multitude of special test systems. With which you can accomplish component-specific tests on for example crankshafts, camshafts, springs, etc.

Typical test components

Crankshafts, camshafts, con-rods, pistons, bearing brackets, crankcases, bearing shells, rockers, valve springs, valves, fuel rails, injection pipes, oil and fuel filters, chains, belt tensioners, add-on components, etc.


Fast and economical test procedure

Uniaxial tests can be accomplished quickly and economically using universal resonance pulsators. For service load tests servo-hydraulic test systems are applied. Complex multiaxial loads are generated using with servo-hydraulic test systems.

If necessary, corrosive environmental conditions are applied to modern aluminum suspension components using automated corrosion chambers.

Typical test components

Compound rear axles, suspension arms, triangular control arms, knuckles, connections, tension struts, stabilizers, suspension springs, air springs, rubber mountings, complete automotive or commercial vehicle front or rear axles, independent suspensions, spring-damping systems, sub-frames, V-rods, etc.

Drive train

Fast and economic test procedure

Uniaxial torsion tests are accomplished using universal test machines with special clamping devices. For rotating bending tests or multiaxial tests component specific test machines are applied.

With patent-registered test machines, friction moments at commercial vehicle or rather automotive wheel bearings can be determined under multiaxial load. Regarding high-frequency torsion tests, specially developed, motor- or electromagnetic driven resonance test systems are suitable.

Beside the existing solutions or rather test systems, we respond specially to your requirements and develop for you with our flexible and dynamic team of engineers and technicians customized test systems.

Typical test components

Drive gears, gear wheels or rather gear components, friction pads or rather clutches, drive shafts, gear shafts, converters (2-axial), converter springs, commercial vehicle wheel flanges, automotive wheel flanges, cardan joints, flexplates, two-mass fly wheels as well as bearings, etc.


Fast and economic test procedure

SincoTec has developed a multitude of different steering test systems, with which hydraulic and electric supported steerings can be tested regarding their reliability and function.

In addition to the endurance test systems with and without temperature chambers, we offer you different measurement and function test systems for both the complete steering system and for separate components.

Beside the existing solutions or rather test systems, we respond specially to your requirements and develop for you with our flexible and dynamic team of engineers and technicians customized test systems.

Typical test components

Steerings, gaiters, control shafts, ball joints, torsion bar springs, etc.

Exhaust systems / catalysts

Versatile possibilities

Within the field of exhaust systems / catalysts SincoTec offers you different solutions.

Using complete exhaust system test machines, exhaust systems can be excited by a shaker with user-defined frequencies and therefore the natural resonance or rather the fatigue strength can be determined by a super elevated motor excitation amplitude. Moreover, the impact of different vibration decoupling elements on the exhaust systems can be tested. In order to simulate the operational conditions, the test system is equipped with a hot-gas generator. Therefore, the test or rather the investigation can be accomplished close to reality.

In addition to this, we offer you hot shake test systems, on which mounting mats of catalysts can be tested regarding their durability with different temperatures and under thermal shock load.

With high-precision static test systems, you can record hysteresis or rather extension forces on different mounting mats of catalysts under different temperatures.

Using rotating bending resonance test systems and reverse bending test systems, you have got the possibility to accomplish bending tests on welded pipe joints (exhaust boxes) with frequencies up to 50 Hz and with a small energy expenditure quickly and economically. 

By the application of different load frames, you can even carry out uniaxial and multiaxial synchronized, dynamic strength test on exhaust system fasteners under temperature and corrosion.

Beside the existing solutions or rather test systems, we respond specially to your requirements and develop for you with our flexible and dynamic team of engineers and technicians customized test systems.

Test procedure

Exhaust systems, catalyzers, exhaust systems fasteners, diesel particulate filters, pipe and welded joints, gaskets, etc.

Fuel system

High-frequency high-pressure tests of more than 4,000 bar using resonance test systems

The requirements for motor injection systems increase dramatically because of the severe environmental legislation. The raise of the injection pressures is a targeting solutions to reduce the consumption.

With resonance driven high-pressure test systems, it exists the possibility to raise pressures of more than 4,000 bar with frequencies up to 60 Hz. Thus different pressurized components can be tested regarding their internal pressure strength within a short period and as a result they can be developed efficiently and economically.

In comparison to usual hydraulic driven test systems, which normally operate with 8 Hz up to 12 Hz at an energy consumption of more than 100 kW, the resonance driven high pressure test systems are characterized by a much higher test frequency and a much lower energy consumption of max. 4 kW. Due to this energy saving and the higher test frequency, the resonance test systems amortize completely within 2 up to 3 years.

Beside loading the components with internal pressure, it is also possible to induce a superposed dynamic excitation via a shaker as well as a simulation of the environmental temperature via a conditioning device. Due to the dynamic excitation e.g. fuel pipes can be excited in their resonance frequency, can be tempered and can be loaded with internal pressure at the same time. An operation-related simulation can be guaranteed.

An innovative fact regarding resonance test machines is, that not only single step tests but also block programs and even RANTEC tests (service load tests) can be accomplished using our software EMOTION.

In addition to the resonance internal pressure test systems, SincoTec manufactures pneumatic driven internal pressure test systems, with which user-defined frequencies and signals can be generated.

Typical test components

Tank systems, fuel pipes, fuel injection systems, common rail, oil cooler, components of the cooling circuit, etc.

Interior equipment

Fast and economic test procedure


For the investigation of vehicle interior components, we offer you different load frames and load devices with servo hydraulic actuators, pneumatic actuators or spindle actuators. With reference to the investigation of the interior components, especially pneumatic actuators or spindle actuators offer an economic solution instead of servo hydraulic actuators, because the purchase costs, the running costs and the costs of infrastructure are lower.


Contrary to the public opinion, with the servo pneumatic you can generate loads with frequencies up to 50 Hz using a membrane-type cylinder. Up to a load of 5 kN the servo pneumatic is an economic alternative to servo hydraulic. Using spindle actuators, speeds up to 1.5 m/s and frequencies up to 30 Hz can be generated.


With this test system uniaxial as well as multiaxial tests can be accomplished on nearly any component. With the help of innovative test devices, bending, torsion and superposed loads can be induced beside axial loads.


Our controller TestPilot offers you the opportunity to carry out single step and multiaxial synchronized tests with force or stroke control. Additionally, it offers you the possibility to survey and to record your tests.



Beside standard test machines, we respond to your special requirements and develop for you customized test systems.


Seats, seat heatings, pedals, gear levers, steering wheels, air bags, etc.