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Your reliable and innovative partner for testing technology

Test rig production - Test laboratory - Product development - Fatigue strength - Lightweight construction

Founded over 30 years ago as a spin-off of the TU Clausthal, the family-run SincoTec group is now the world market leader in resonance testing technology and innovative test machines. We also operate an accredited testing laboratory with over 150 different test systems at our headquarter in Clausthal-Zellerfled. SincoTec’s watchwords in all of our activities are safety and reliability.

We continually develop innovative test solutions with our clients.

We are ready for any testing challenges!

Our capabilities

Test systems

Experts in dynamic testing technology - with over 4,000 test systems sold worldwide

SincoTec Test Systems GmbH develops, produces, and sells a wide variety of dynamic test systems and products and services associated therewith.

Testing services

Our in-house fatigue strength laboratories conduct over 400 test assignments on over 150 different test systems.

At SincoTec Test & Engineering GmbH’s test laboratories, over 150 test rigs are in operation 24/7 to test your components and materials to their load limits. 

Our mission

Making the world safer – together

Using our products and test services enhances the

  • safety
  • cost efficiency
  • performance
  • and reliability of your components and systems.

Our Goals: Prevention and Safety

  • prevent accidents,
  • save lives,
  • development of high-quality components,
  • enable reliable light constructions and
  • cost-efficient components
The main building of SincoTec with pictures of the employees.

About us

30 years of innovative, sustainable, dynamic testing technology

Delivering innovative and reliable testing technology every day. Our SincoTec team and our representatives around the world make the world a safer place.

Testing technology for...

Industries and sectors

We make everything that moves safer – from cars to medical devices and technology.  Our test systems and services offer solutions for all industries and sectors.

Components and assemblies

We make everything that moves safer – from crankshafts to foot prostheses. We test materials, components, and assemblies.


Tel.: +49 (5323)