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A bike in the Harz Mountains with forest and meadow.

We make mobility safer

Bikes and motorcycles

Lacking the protection of a car, accidents involving bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles can be particularly serious for the rider. Therefore it is particularly important to ensure the strength of all components. The advent of e-bikes has led to a renewed boom in the bicycle industry. However, as their speeds increase, so does the load experienced by components and as such the fatigue strength of their components and assemblies becomes ever more important.

Our bicycle and tricycle test systems


for wheels

  • Strength tests on bicycles or motorcycles (rotation bending)
Testing system for dynamic testing of bicycles.

for bicycles

  • Dynamic strength tests and performance tests for bicycles, e-bikes, pedelecs, etc. with environmental simulations
chain test

POWER SWING MOT for testing the static and dynamic strength

Commonly tested parts:

  • Steering
  • Bicycle fork

Our bicycle and tricycle test services

Bicycle component testing

General component tests:

  • Fatigue strength tests
  • Environmental simulations
  • Load analyses
  • Road load testing
  • Component optimization
Customized test systems

Customized solutions

In addition to the exisiting testing solutions our expert team of engineers and technicians develop new test systems and testing solutions to meet your specifications.

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