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Testing software for resonance testing machines

Easy and intuitive

Control system and test
software for resonance testing machines

Our control systems EXCITING and test software EMOTION are developed in-house and are exhaustively tested in our fatigue strength laboratories. The system and software are perfectly harmonized for maximum performance with our testing machines.


Control system EXCITING

Intuitive, simple, and always precise – the ideal partner for your fatigue strength testing!

  • Universally applicable
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Customizable to different test rig configurations
  • Low energy consumption
  • High control precision
  • Very low maintenance demands
  • Extensions include, e.g.:
    • Climate replication
  • Can also be used to modernize your existing test system

The EXCITING control system is an electromotive or electromagnetic digital system mating cutting edge electronics with our EMOTION software which manages the control and guidance of resonance test systems.

The modular construction of the device follows VDE-guidelines. The control unit has a CE certification and satisfies the operating regulations of a number of German automakers.

Control system for resonance testing machines
Control system for resonance test rigs

Control software EMOTION

Simple and intuitive testing software for resonance testing machines

  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • All resonance test rigs can be operated and controlled through the user interface
  • The basic version offers all functions necessary to the operation of a resonance testing machine
  • Varied signal display options
  • Formula based signal conversions
  • Custom menu of extension modules

Our EMOTION software package is the user interface for our control system. It operates on the NT-based, Microsoft WINDOWS® 10 Pro 64bit operating system.

EMOTION’s base variant includes all functions necessary for the operation of test rigs with a measurement and control channel. With a vast menu of extension modules, the software can be customized to meet your demands.

Additional software modules

Software extensions

EmoReport evaluation software

  • Allows you to document test data independently of EMOTION
  • Documentation, illustration, and printing of entire test series and test events as charts or lists
  • Directly compare two different test results
  • Export data in ASCII format
  • Ability to edit templates, for example for integrating customer logos
  • Creation of staircase and Wöhler test series which can be immediately opened in LabMOTION for evaluation purposes
  • Evaluation of tests conducted on different test systems on the same network
Evaluation software EmoReport

Evaluation module for the time strength tests and testing the domain of infinite fatigue strength LabMOTION

  • Universal evaluation tool
  • Evaluate the static load of fatigue test using the staircase method according to “Hück” and in tests to determine the S-N-curve, S-N curve gradient, or two-level method
  • Calculate mean value, scatter range, and standard deviation of fatigue strength and the strength values for different freely configurable failure probabilities
  • Configurable diagrams of the fatigue strength curves
  • Calculation of the linear equation or logarithmic increments
  • Comfortable test evaluation
  • Compare up to three test series
  • Export test data or forms in PDF, Excel, or Word formats
  • Import data from EMOTION easily

Questions about our test controllers and software?

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