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1-4 axis control and regulation system.

Flexibly and intuitively operable

Control systems & test software for servo-actuator-driven test systems

Our TestPilot control system offers everything that a universal controller needs for standard test assignments and is an essential component of any testing laboratory.

TestPilot combines easy operability, even in the programming of complex test assignments, with almost universal applicability. It is continually further developed based on the feedback of testing experts in our accredited, in-house test laboratories.

TestPilot can be used for servo-electric, servo-hydraulic, and servo pneumatic testing assignments with both single and multi-axial trials and can be operated easily and intuitively using our CoPilot test software. Both can also be applied to the modernization of your older test systems.


TestPilot control system

Intuitive, efficient, flexible, and always precise – the ideal partner for your testing challenges!

  • Flexibly usable for the completion of dynamic strength tests
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Intelligent control algorithm, even for the non-linear controlled sections
  • Simultaneous and combined operation of servo-hydraulic, servo pneumatic or electrical actuators as well as rotary actuators on up to 4 axles/actuators
  • Up to 4 test rigs can be controlled with one controller
  • Axes of multiaxial test rigs can be synchronized during testing
  • Simple PC user interface
  • Extension: frequencies up to 500 Hz using a single axle of TestPilot
  • Cost-efficient and flexibly usable control system with innovative design
  • Attractive price
  • 8 measurement and control channels
  • Up to 8 controllable, calculated channels
  • High sample and control frequency of 10 kHz per channel
  • 4 axles with a minimum of 2 control channels
  • Dynamic test frequencies between 0.01 Hz and 500 Hz
  • 16 digital floating inputs and outputs
  • Front panel with freely selectable signal outputs

CoPilot control software

Intuitive test software for TestPilot

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Single and synchronized multiaxial operations on a single PC
  • Operation of multiple control units
  • Manual steering of the cylinder in displacement and force control
  • Conduct, monitor, and protocol single-stage oscillation testing
  • Simple construction of complex and multiaxially synchronized test programs
  • Extensive data display configurations
  • Freely configurable data logging
  • Export measurement data of all channels, cycles, time recordings, trends, etc. as ASCII files for further processing
  • Use event-oriented controlling from other components
  • ClimatePilot interface (SincoTec control software for a variety of climatic chambers)

CoPilot is the user interface for the TestPilot control system. Using the software’s intuitive interface, single amplitude fatigue tests are programmed. Testing is then monitored, and evaluated in a protocolling report. Programmable parameters include alarm and stop limits with graphic editors, the collection of minimum and maximum data and hystereses, time records of the controlled variables, and other sensors. Additionally, CoPilot offers the following functions:

  • Free and flexible configurations of test programs (block programs)
  • Program complex or multi-actuator testing easily with Drag and Drop interface
  • Multi-level trial management
  • User-defined standard waves such as sawtooth, sine, rectangular, and triangle, etc.
  • Wave editor to easily create almost any waveform and to layer different load signals (e. g. sine layered over sine)
  • Single or synchronized multiaxial use with a single computer

Evaluation software FlightReport

Fast and efficient test evaluation

  • Fast and efficient test evaluation and reporting
  • Easy and intuitive user interface (Drag and Drop)
  • Individual templates

With our evaluation software FlightReport, almost all of the data produced by our CoPilot software can be easily and rapidly visualized and analyzed. This includes the visualization and evaluation of:

  • Cycles/hysteresis
  • Dying Seconds
  • RAW data
  • Trend
  • Plugin data
  • Writer and plotter data

With FlightReport you can also examine the configuration of the controller during testing as well as in historical tests.

You can freely select the data and diagrams used to generate test evaluation reports. For example, diagrams for cycles, trends, or RAW data can be selected and a test report is generated automatically. The preview report can be either printed or exported as a PDF. Special templates can also be created to meet your specifications.

Evaluation software for positively excited testing machines

Question about our control units and test software?

Our experts are happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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