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Exact calibration to ensure high performance


High-tech testing technology relies on extremely high precision. This is achieved through precise measurement instrumentation which must be regularly calibrated. We help you to ensure that the quality of your testing meets not only your own requirements but also all applicable legal standards.

Over 800 measurement instruments are tested and calibrated annually according to transfer standards traceable to DAkkS regulations in our calibration laboratory.

Our newly developed, highly modern, calibration devices guarantee you a high level of precision.


We offer our clients the following customized services:

In our in-house calibration laboratory

calibration laboratory

Regular calibration of your measurement instrumentation according to transfer standards traceable to DAkkS regulations

At your facilities

Mobile calibration at your site

Regular calibration of the measurement instrumentation in your test systems according transfer standards traceable to DAkkS regulations and of the entire measurement chain 

Development of special transducers

Development of special sensors

Besides standard sensor technology we develop, manufacture, and apply custom measurement technology and calibrate it with transfer standards traceable to DAkkS regulations technology in our calibration laboratory

Our calibration services:

Calibration of force transducer


Calibration of force transducers (tension and compression forces) 

Force measuring equipment of test machines per DIN EN ISO 7500-1

Calibration of extensometers


Calibration of extensometers and displacement sensors in our calibration laboratory or at your facilities

Torsion transducer calibration


Calibration of torsional moment sensors

Calibration angle sensor


Calibration of angle sensors

Calibration of bend extensometer

Bending moment

Calibration of bending sensors and bending sensors in crankshaft bending tests systems

Calibration of rotating bending sensors

Bending moment

Calibration of rotating bending sensors

Calibration of accelerometers


Calibration of IEPE acceleration sensors in our calibration laboratory or at your facilities

Calibration measuring amplifier

Measuring amplifier

Calibration of strain gauges measuring amplifiers in our calibration laboratory or at your facilities


Make a calibratrion appointment

Our calibration experts are happy to advise you.

Your test systems can also be serviced (maintenance) in conjunction with the calibration of your measurement technologies.

Why is regular calibration important?

The regular calibration of measurement instrumentation is critical to ensuring that testing results between calibrations are accurate and correct.

Measurement instrumentation loses its accuracy and can generate false results when it is improperly programmed, or damaged by overloads or false assembly, the consequences of these issues can be dramatic leading to, for example, product recalls.

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Our service team is always happy and prepared to help you with maintenance, repairs, software updates, and individual trainings.
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