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servo hydraulics

Our Universal test systems for component testing

Servo hydraulic testing machines

Servo-hydraulic test rigs are used to estimate the fatigue strength of components or entire assemblies. Their universal applicability allows for freely selectable signal types and test frequencies for static and dynamic tests.

Smart FLOW

Smart FLOW

Intelligent hydraulic control. Optimized control reduces the energy consumption of the aggregate by, on average, 50%.


The ideal universal testing system for non-linear systems with high damping. Using the correct test fixture, it is also possible…
1-4 axis control and regulation system.

TestPilot control system

Your ideal partner for test assignments: intuitive, efficient, and flexibly usable in your testing lab.

An overview of servohydraulics advantages:


Use Areas: simulation tests, components with clearance, multiaxial trials, components with heavy loads

Preferred Materials: metallic and non-metallic materials and elastomers

Load Application: single or multiaxial

Load Types: axial (tension-compression), bending, torsion, internal pressure, or combinations of the above

Test Frequency Range: freely selectable between 0.1 Hz and 500 Hz

Signal Type: freely selectable, for example, sine, rectangular waveguide, and triangular functions


Never having to worry about high test costs again!

Thanks to our resonance driven test systems

With our resonance driven universal test systems you can minimise your energy consumption and at the same time have quick and highly precise test results. Our technical operation would love to advice you about what test systems suits your requirements best.

Just contact us by phone or mail.

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