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Testing technology for marine

We make mobility safer


From ferries, to speed boats, to cruise ships, SincoTec test systems, and testing services ensure the performance and safety of ship components to guarantee that engines and assemblies are safely designed

Imagine the crankshaft of a 40,000 horsepower engine on a cruise ship it would barely fit into a living room and testing its fatigue strength requires up to 400,000 Nm of torque. Like the crankshaft, ship drive shafts connecting the engine and propeller are also exposed to both high torque and dynamic oscillating loads. 

Damage to one of these components renders the ship unmanoeuvrable which can end catastrophically.

Our shipping test systems

Torsion bending test system for shafts and crankshafts.

for crankshafts

  • Single axial bending or torsion loads
  • Combined loads (bending and torsion)
  • Testing the effect of multi-axial loads on fatigue strength e. g. of crankshafts in speedboats
Test systems for marine applications

The world's largest resonance test rig: POWER SWING MOT 2 MN – ideal for ship components

Commonly tested components:

  • Engine blocks
  • Connecting rods

Our testing services for shipping

industrial mechanic

We can support with:

  • Fatigue strength testing
  • Environmental simulations
  • Crack analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Experts’s report
Customized test systems

Customized solutions

In addition to the exisiting testing solutions our expert team of engineers and technicians develop new test systems and testing solutions to meet your specifications.

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