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Developed to your needs

Customized testing machines

Our expert and dynamic team of engineers and technicians work to your requirements to develop customized test solutions. We utilize SincoTec’s extensive product portfolio of proven resonance, servo-hydraulic, servo-electric, and servo pneumatic drives in this pursuit.

special testing machine

SincoTec Test Systems is a specialist in customized test solutions

Since its founding in 1991, SincoTec has met the ever more challenging demands of our clients and used our innovative development process to develop multitudes of customized test systems.

Test systems - exactly meeting your specifications

With our commitment to continuous development, we have a broad spectrum of customized test solutions. The performance of our test systems and our know-how increases not only thanks to our in-house research and development but also thanks to the ever more complex demands of our clients.

Customized software solutions

Beyond simply the mechanical and electronic components of the test rig, we develop customized software for the control and monitoring of your customized test rigs to meet your requirements.

Customized test systems
Controller for positively excited test systems

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For 30 years we‘ve been experts in

  • Testing technology
  • Constructions
  • Energy efficent test actuators
  • Fatigue strength
  • Light construction
  • Dynamic strength

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Our service team is always happy and prepared to help you with maintenance, repairs, software updates, and individual trainings.
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