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Train entering the station.

 SincoTec’s test rigs are one step to safe train travel across the globe


Another strong point of SincoTec’s development is test systems and dynamic fatigue tests of many railway components.

Our reference list includes all renowned global rail manufacturers and suppliers. SincoTec played a highly significant role in the 2004 BMBF-project “secure and economical design of railway chassis” conducting the majority of the testing which led to the creation of new norms in the construction of railway vehicles.

We offer standardized tests and the test equipment following DIN EN 13260, DIN EN 13261, and DIN EN 13262.

Our railway test services

Wheelset axle testing laboratory

Wheelset shaft testing per DIN EN ISO 13260, 13261, 23262

Our POWER ROTATING bending railway resonance test system can be used to test the fatigue strength of wheelset shafts and wheel discs.

Crack propagation test on axles

Crack propagation testing on wheelset shafts

Bearing test stand for railways

Railway shaft testing

  • Crack propagation and infinite fatigue strength tests of complete wheel axles and wheels
  • Tribological tests of press seats
  • Variable train speeds of up to 500 km/h and curve simulations
testing laboratory

General component tests

Dynamic fatigue tests on components including:

  • Main chassis beams
  • Wheel rim segments

Magnetic powder tests conducted by certified inspectors

Our certified inspector has over 10 years of experience conducting magnetic powder tests (MPI).

Our railway test systems

Rotating bending tests for high moments.

for wheelset shafts and wheel discs

  • Rotating bending system up to 400,000 Nm with frequencies up to 50 Hz
  • Tests on wheelset shafts per DIN EN ISO 13260, 13261, 13262

for railway bearings

  • 2 different axle lifetime tests:
    • Heavy Duty – block programs up to 3,000 rpm
    • High Speed – block programs up to 4,000 rpm
Several sizes of the Power Swing machine.

Our POWER SWING universal test system

Our universal resonance pulsator with an electromotive drive, POWER SWING MOT offers you the possibility to test e. g. three-point bending on main chassis beams and wheel rim segments or other typical railway components on their dynamic strength.

POWER SWING MOT is produced in series from 5 kN to 2,000 kN and can also be affixed with different clamping devices to introduce bending and torsion loads.

Customized test systems

Customized testing machines

In addition to the exisiting testing solutions our expert team of engineers and technicians develop new test systems and testing solutions to meet your specifications.

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