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Practically-oriented, unique, experienced

Fatigue strength seminars

Benefit from our 30 years of practical fatigue lab experience

Questions our Seminars Tackle

  • Can a single component be used to estimate fatigue strength?
  • How do I calculate a Woehler line?
  • How many components do I need?
  • What type of test should I use?
  • How much does a single test cost?
  • What do I have to watch out for when I measure loads on a component?
  • How do I determine the load spectra?

Join us for our seminar “Basics of fatigue strength and dynamic test technic” which addresses these questions and many others.

Gain theoretical and practical knowledge

Our seminar combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Each participant will be proficiently trained in our accredited test lab using the cutting edge of testing technology.

Subjects covered


Fatigue strength

  • Basics of fatigue strength
  • Woehler line, fatigue strength and endurance limit
  • Implementation and evaluation of fatigue stregth tests and the stair-case, S-N curve gradient, and two level methods
  • Load time function, classification, collective
  • Designing components so that they can endure fatigue
  • Estimating component lifetime using the nominal voltage concept
  • Construction of clamping devices
  • Test rig monitoring
  • Test planning, test methods
Dynamic test technology

The construction, function, and usage of

  • Servo hydraulic test machines
  • Servo pneumatic test machines
  • Resonance test machines
  • Shakers
  • Testing under environmental conditions, e.g. temperature or corrosive medias
  • Safety precautions
Measurement technology
  • Stress measurements using strain gauges
  • Calibration
  • Measuring chain

Our seminar offers practical education in an accredited test laboratory using cutting-edge testing technology. The problem sets that we examine in our seminars, closely resemble the problems that occur in testing labs ensuring that you or your employees have all the tools they need when it comes to fatigue testing.

Workshop Durability
Our Keynote Speaker
Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hug

Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hug studied and obtained a doctorate in general mechanical engineering with a focus on fatigue strength and construction at the TU Clausthal

  • Worked as an academic senior counselor at the Institute of Fatigue Strength (IMAB) with Prof. Harald Zenner.
  • Founded the SincoTec Group in 1991, the start of a company that is an industry leader in the development and production of energy-efficient test technologies.
  • With over 35 years of experience in the fatigue strength and test technology fields, Dr. Hug continues to work in different committees of the DVM
  • Dr. Hug actively collaborates on research and development with universities and research facilities from all over the world.


  • 1996: technology-transfer-prize of the IHK Braunschweig
  • 2006: August-Woehler-medal of the DVM, Berlin

Join us!


SincoTec Holding GmbH

Martina Steinhoff

Freiberger Straße 13

38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

+49 5323 9692-0


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