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Calibration measuring amplifier

Our transducers and sensors

Our laboratory uses a broad spectrum of transducers and sensors to carry out measurements during testing. 

Our calibration laboratory guarantees the accuracy and availability of our sensors and transducers at short notice for testing and other needs.

Transducers and sensors
Force Transducer
  • 0.5 – 2,000,000 N
Position Sensor
  • starting at 1 µm
Bending and Torsional Moment Transducers
  • up to 600,000 Nm
  • Between 0.01 – 10 mm/m

Pressure Sensors

  • Between -0.95 – 7,000 bar

Temperature Sensors

  • Between -50 – 1,900 °C


  • between 0.5 – 10,000 g
special pickup
Strain gauge-application
  • Cost-efficient and reliable
  • Readable without eye contact
DMS application
Optical strain measurement
  • Full surface strain measurement
  • Up to 1,000 measurements per second
  • Measures dispacement, speed, and acceleration in all directions up to 1,000 Hz
optical metrology
Crack propagation analysis
  • Measure crack propagation during testing
Crack propagation tests on axles
Additional measuring instruments
  • Balancing quality sensors
  • System measuring the lubrication gap height in plain bearings

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