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A family business in the Harz mountains

Hidden champions of testing technology

Started at the TU Clausthal university, SincoTec is a “hidden champion” in testing technology operating globally and with over 100 employees.

Engineering and development partner, test laboratory, and manufacturer of unrivaled test systems

As a medium-sized, family-led enterprise, we are your engineering and development partner, operating a fatigue strength laboratory with over 150 test rigs and building and developing unrivaled test systems. SincoTec is the market leader in resonance test technology. Our product portfolio encompasses resonance-driven, servo-hydraulic, servo-electric, and servo-pneumatic actuating elements.  Additionally, we specialize in the development and production of customized test rigs.

Testing solutions for all industries

SincoTec offers testing solutions in almost every industry including automotive, railways, shipbuilding, energy, medical technology, bicycles and tricycles, aviation and spaceflight, and machinery and devices.  Operating in over 30 countries and across many sectors, SincoTec has unparalleled experience and expertise in the fields of fatigue strength, lightweight construction, and construction/material behavior.

Treating the impossible as if it were possible

To work towards a safer, cleaner, and greener future we constantly develop new testing technologies and methods.

Supporting your product development, we are motivated by your maxims: lighter, faster, less expensive, and safer.

SincoTec today:


5 Global locations

Marketleader in
resonance test technology

> 4,000 Test systems in use around the globe

> 400 Test orders conducted in our test laboratory per year

production depth

Patents and
research projects

third party certification

A hidden champion with unparalleled technology

For 30 years SincoTec has stood for energy-efficient, fast, and highly precise testing technology. Actuating elements, measurement instrumentation, and drive technology are customized to the use case. We often combine different drive types in the same test system. Many of the technologies that we have developed are recognized as the global test standard.

Zwei Männer betrachten eine Kurbelwelle in einer Prüfmaschine.

German Engineering – Made in Germany

To us at SincoTec, creativity means that we embrace new ideas, previously unknown perspectives, and unique solutions. We concern ourselves with every detail which is why we have such high internal production depth, with in-house development of electronics, software, and mechanics, and embrace the meaning of the made in Germany label.

SincoTec – a family business

The philosophy and structure of an owner-led, medium-sized enterprise, is the basis for a strong cooperative, performance and team oriented business. Our flat structure and flexible organization combines with an effective strategy secure our sustainability. The international orientation and diversity of different industries ensure our future success.

Sechs Personen stehen in einer Lagerhalle

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Company history

Since being spun off from the TU Clausthal in 1991, SincoTec has grown to become a group of companies with over 100 employees.

Internationales Gruppenfoto vor dem SincoTec Hauptgebäude.

SincoTec International

Over 4,000 SincoTec test systems are in use in over 30 countries thanks to our international network of representatives.

Jemand schreibt das Wort SincoTec auf einen Kaffee.

“Sweet little hug” coffee

With the acquisition of an Italian coffee drum roaster, SincoTec became professional coffee manufacturers. Passion and the highest quality product remain our watchwords.

Tel.: +49 (5323)