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Close up of wear on a shaft and its mating bearing.

Wear testing

Like fatigue, wearing is a determiner of a component’s lifetime. Thanks to the diversity of test rigs in our laboratory, we are able to generate specific, targeted forms of wear and tear to investigate and understand how your component is damaged over time.

Components we commonly test include transmission parts or rolling bearings.

Our services

Wear and abrasion during a toothed belt test.
  • Analysis of the service load conditions and wearing parameters
  • Design and construction of a test solution to replicate operating conditions including, when appropriate, temperature, climate, and lubrication parameters
  • Documentation of wearing

Contact us

We have testing solutions for all manner of components, assemblies, and materials to determine their maximum load capacity, lifetime, and reliability. Contact us below with a summary of your testing needs and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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