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A car tire in the snow

Environmental simulation testing

Recreating a components failure case may require adding environmental simulations to your testing if mechanical loads are not the only ones experienced by your components. Both weather (e.g. temperature, humidity) and other environmental factors can be recreated in our lab to accurately simulate your component’s operating environment.

Our capabilities

A heated component during testing.
Testing with induction heating


Your component’s operational environment, in a lab
  • Temperatures between -70 – 1400 °C
  • Temperature and climatic chambers
  • Hot air blowers
  • Oil/gas burners
environmental simulation
Spring being tested while sprayed with corrosive liquids

Testing with mediums (according to norms)

Combine mechanical and chemical interactions
  • Salty water
  • Dirty water
  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen
  • etc.
environmental simulation chamber
Testing in a small climatic chamber

Combinination with mechanical test rigs

Environmental simulations can be integrated into almost every form of testing we conduct.

Components can be subjected to both dynamic loads and environmental factors in parallel ensuring that testing closely replicates the component’s operational environment.


Contact us

We have testing solutions for all manner of components, assemblies, and materials to determine their maximum load capacity, lifetime, and reliability. Contact us below with a summary of your testing needs and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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