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Fast, reliable, and dedicated to your needs


Our specially trained service team with expertise in mechanical engineering, electronics, measurement technology, and software is always ready to assist you with consultations, repairs, and maintenance.

Maintenance contracts ensure that your test systems are continually serviced and guarantee both high reliability and low shutdown times.

Our service, maintenance, and claims team are always available to assist you.

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Our services

Maintenance of test systems

Our capabilities include:

  • Inspection of all relevant screw connections, wire, and plug connections to ensure they function reliably
  • Inspection and maintenance of all guides, bearing points and the drive units
  • Inspection of the safety devices to ensure they function properly
  • Inspection of the control cabinet and the electronic components to ensure they function properly
  • Checking and if necessary replacing the existing filter systems
  • Checking the parameter configurations
  • Plausibility check on the control sensor
  • Test run with a stiff test piece in partial load and full load range
  • Checking the oscillation behavior
  • Inspection to ensure proper alignment of the testing machine including measurement 
  • Monitoring and inspection of peripheral components such as strobes, manual controls, or heating units
  • Static and dynamic alignment measurements


  • Calibration of measurement instrumentation to transfer standards traceable to DAkkS regulations
  • Calibration of the measuring chain
  • Issuing calibration certificates

Software maintenance

  • Inspection of test rig computer systems to ensure smooth operations
  • Software updates to keep your software updated
  • Backup of the system settings
We can also offer a customized service package according to your requirements.

Broaden your understanding of fatigue testing:


Training courses

We offer training courses to learn how to maximize EMOTION, LabMOTION, and CoPilot testing and evaluation software.


Set up a service appointment

Our experts are happy to advise you!

Service of your test rigs can be done in parallel with the calibration of your measurement instrumentation.

Why is regular service of your test system important?

  • To receive the most accurate and fastest test results
  • So that your test system is always ready for use
  • To detect issues early before they require expensive repairs
Service contracts place your test systems in the safest hands.
Maintaining a stock of spare parts and personnel redundancies in our maintenance team allows us to react quickly to your needs.

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