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Component Suppliers

Our component supplier customers consist of companies that develop and produce industrial products for different sectors. Examples include standardized components such as screws, springs, roller bearings, holders, as well as supplier-specific components such as crankshafts and wheels for OEMs. As these components often have to fulfill certain OEM specifications, we have years of experience testing them.

Our component supplier test systems

Test systems for bearings

for bearings

  • Single and multi-axial test systems for friction and rolling bearings
  • Investigations of tribology and fatigue behavior
Testing systems for springs

for springs

  • Energy-efficient and regulated test systems
  • Parallel testing
Testing systems for screws

for screws

  • Norm tests
  • Testing with test fixtures that eliminate bending moments
Materials testing system with magnetic resonance drive.

Test rig for material samples

POWER SWING MAG, the universal resonance testing machine for material sample tests.

Our test services for component suppliers

industrial mechanic

We can support you with:

Fatigue strength testing of components from suppliers for example:

  • Screws
  • Springs
  • Bearings

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