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Test rigs for every application - SincoTec Test Systems

Dynamic test rigs

Over 4,000 SincoTec test rigs are in use around the globe, making the world safer since 1991.

Beyond static loads, dynamic loads are also very important when determining the lifetime of a component because they can lead to failure at far lower load levels. Components must, thus, be dimensioned for and constructed to endure dynamic loads. When we examine dynamic loads, we differentiate between, for example, the infinite fatigue endurability of a motor component and the operational endurability of the layout of chassis components.

Non-standard test systems

Beyond our standard test systems, our universal and component-specific test systems, SincoTec controllers, and in-house test and evaluation software, we also develop custom test systems designed to your requirements. All of our offerings are always made by SincoTec.

Solutions for every industry

We operate across a wide variety of different industries such as the automotive, railway, wind energy, and medical technology industries. Our test systems use all drive types and SincoTec is a world market leader in energy-efficient resonance test technology.

Embracing every challenge

The increasingly demanding specifications and requirements of our clients, continual development of new components, and constantly changing demands, drive us to keep making the world a safer place.

Several sizes of the Power Swing machine.

Test rigs for fatigue testing

test rigs

One rig, four drive types, hundreds of applications – meet our POWER series of test systems.

Component specific
test rigs

Designed to the requirements of testing specific components or component groups, test rigs of our POWER series are used for fast and precise test results.

Client specific
test rigs

We are always eager to work with you to develop a custom test system for your needs.

Control systems &

Our control system is the perfect complement for SincoTec test rigs. Combined with our intuitive test and evaluation software make the testing process as simple as possible for you.

Our products and services offerings


Is your test rig approaching the end of its life cycle?

Using SincoTec control systems and testing software we modernize your test systems and extend their life cycles significantly.

Testing equipment

Our test equipment makes testing using environmental simulations much easier.


Our team of service experts trained in mechanical engineering, electronic, and software engineering are always ready to aid you with maintenance, training, and consulting.


Whether in your facilities or in our internal SincoTec calibration laboratory, we help you ensure that the quality of testing meets your high specifications and any applicable legal standards.

Two men look at a bearing and a screw.

Questions about our test rigs?

Our sales team and experts are ready to answer your questions and advise you on the right testing system.

Reach out to us with your needs via phone or email.

SincoTec's all-encompassing offerings

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