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Reliable mechanics mated with modern, high-tech electronics

Modernization of test systems

With our control units and testing software, we can modernize your test systems which are getting on in years without you having to purchase a new test rig.

A test system
Frequently, only small interventions and investments are necessary in order to breathe new life into an existing test rig

Replace old hardware components with the cutting edge of technology and software to increase the reliability of your test systems.

We are happy to advise you on the modernization options for your test system.

After a thorough examination of your test system by our experts, we exchange the components designated for modernization with new ones to boost the performance of, and future proof your test system.

Modernizations typically include the exchange of the existing control system with a SincoTec system, either EXCITING MOT, EXCITING MAG, or TestPilot, as well as the replacement of mechanical and electrical motor components as needed.

We look forward to advising you, simply reach out to us!

Testing machines should be monitored and serviced for the following reasons:
  • Operating systems are only supported for a limited time creating operational security issues. There are, for example, no updates available for Windows XP and Windows 7. Computers connected to company systems create security vulnerabilities and should be removed from any internal networks.
  • The test software is continually iterated and updated, incorporating and using for continued development, feedback from both SincoTec’s test laboratories, where over 150 test rigs are in daily operation, and from our clients. Updates ensure the optimal function of your software and test rig. 
  • Electronic components are discontinued within a matter of years such that replacement parts for measurement, guidance, and control electronics may be difficult or impossible to find. Continual updates are the best way to ensure easy, continuous operations.
  • Changes to testing objectives and in testing challenges such as new materials, new testing methods, other environmental simulations, and digital ports can be introduced into updated test systems
Modernization combined with regular SincoTec service and calibration ensures that your testing machines are always performing at their best.

Our service is not limited to SincoTec test systems, test rigs from other manufacturers and also be retrofitted with SincoTec measurement instrumentation and control systems.

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