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Airplane Turbine in Flight.

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Aerospace and space flight

The components of light aircraft, helicopters, passenger planes, rockets experience very high loads. Take-off and landing are particularly critical points at which component and material loads are highest and the consequences of failure may be greatest.

Components we frequently test include screws, laser welds, rivet connections, adhesive joints, landing gear parts, turbine parts, material samples, CFRP components, helicopter gearbox driveshafts, and actuator shafts for landing flaps.

Our aerospace and space flight test systems


Testing static and dynamic strength with our POWER SWING

Commonly tested components:

  • Material samples
  • High-strength screws
  • Connecting elements
  • Components and structures

Our aerospace and space flight test services

Technical advice

How we can support your research and development

  • Our multitude of special test rigs allows you to implement component-specific tests with, for example, rotor shafts, rotor blades, clutches, door systems, and chassis parts.
  • We are able to accommodate a multitude of different load frames with hydraulic actuators, electric actuators, and pneumatic actuators.
  • Bi- and multiaxial (axial and torsional) load frames can also be applied.
Customized test systems

Customized solutions

In addition to the exisiting testing solutions our expert team of engineers and technicians develop new test systems and testing solutions to meet your specifications.

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