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Inspired by nature – pushing the limits of physics

The universal POWER test rig series
for dynamic fatigue testing

One rig, four drive types, hundreds of applications, our universal POWER series of test rigs for fatigue testing.

Our resonance test series, POWER SWING, are market leaders in damage detection, accuracy, test frequency, and application of complex tests. Operational stresses must be pinpointed, precisely, energy efficiently, and quickly applied. POWER SWING is your tailored solution for applying such stresses. 

SincoTec universal testing machines

test rig

up to 2,000 kN

Fast, exact, and cost-efficient components and material tests


test rigs

up to 28 kN

For assembly and component tests


test rigs

up to 400 kN

For assembly and component tests


test rigs

up to 10 kN

For component tests at low load levels

Advantages of our universal test systems

Flexible application due to universal rather than component-specific design

Different types of loads: tensile-pressure, torsion, bending, and load combinations

Your reliable, high-quality partner for life cycle testing

Harmonization of the test rig, control system, and test software thanks to all in-house development and production

Ergonomic design

30 years of expertise in test rig contruction

For over 30 years SincoTec has worked with clients from many different industries to develop to offer solutions for all different areas of fatigue and life cycle testing. Quality, precision, and individualized solutions have and remain today our watchwords in this process.

Our portfolio of component-specific test systems

These test systems were developed to specifically meet the testing requirements of a particular component to, for example, allow you to complete cost-efficient and quick testing during serial production.

Component-specific test systems

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Component specific test systems

Component specific test systems

Designed to the requirement of your components and therefore perfect for research and development or production quality testing


Our service team is always happy and prepared to help you with maintenance, repairs, software updates, and individual trainings.
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