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Crack propagation testing on wheelset axles

Every day, millions of people, relying on railways reputation for safety, travel by rail. The numerous measures and tests taken and carried out behind the scenes ensure the safety of those travelers and the safety of all trains.

Axles, particularly locomotive axles, undergo regular inspections based on the service life of the axle and the vehicle kilometers traveled.  These inspections aim to detect and inspect damage or small cracks on the axles. 

The basis for service life and kilometers traveled is determined by crack propagation testing which relies on data from individual crack propagation trials.

Rissfortschrittsprüfung an Radsatzwellen

We are ever-ready to conduct crack propagation tests for you

Crack propagation tests with optical crack detection during testing

The test rig control unit directs cameras to continually take photos at predetermined intervals, evaluating these photos the crack length can be determined and evaluated in a crack propagation analysis.

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