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Testing components with thermal or chemical hazard potentials

Test capabilities:

  • High-frequency resonance testing machines for the application of axial, bending, torsional loads, and torsional vibrations 
  • Shakers (currently up to 22kN)
  • Single or multiaxial hydraulic tests (sine, random noise, road load testing, etc.)
  • Pneumatic and electric actuators
  • Clamping field for the construction of various test setups
  • Internal pressure tests
  • High-temperature tests
  • Environmental simulations (temperatures between -40 up to 150°C, humidity, etc.)
  • Charging and discharging duringdynamic testing
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Common uses:

  • Many applications in passenger vehicles:
    • Battery systems
    • Cell modules
    • Buffer stores
    • Cooling systems
    • Contact testing
  • E-bike testing
  • E-scooter testing
  • Electrical, hand-held tools
  • Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches

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